Americar Has Gone Green!

Americar has gone “Green” and no we are not talking about just for St. Patrick’s Day!

As part of a community conscious effort to save and help the environment around us, Kris Tucci and his family, took a close look at Americar’s business operations and implemented some energy efficient changes. From major renovations such as re-siding and insulating the entire building, to the simplest items such as changing the standard fluorescent light bulbs to the new energy saving linear fluorescent light bulbs, Kris was determined to make a “difference” by adopting eco-friendly practices for his business. “It’s an investment in not only our environment, but in the future of my family’s business” states Kris, who has seen his energy costs cut in half from the previous year. Some of these energy reductions can be contributed to Kris implementing the following:

  • Re-siding and insulating the entire exterior of the building with recyclable materials.
  • Replacing the old heating furnace and air conditioning system with a high energy efficient unit.
  • Installed four “oil-burning” furnaces in the garage that recycles used motor oil and converts to heat.
  • All new energy saving light fixtures, with motion sensing light switches for automatic turn off of lights in rooms not being used.
  • Using 100% biodegradable soaps and other eco-friendly products in the car wash, vehicle reconditioning bays, and service department.

“After seeing such great results from our green endeavors, we are investigating other sources of energy to help cut our energy consumption even further” says Kris. One alternative is to use “wind” energy such as the type currently being used by the Carousel mall. Kris has contacted several companies that specialize in the rooftop mounted wind turbines such as “WindTamer Corporation” who has effectively installed two units on the mall’s rooftop for increased energy efficiency for Destiny USA. Kris is also looking at “Powersail Technologies” a company under “Impact Technologies” for a bid to outfit Americar with this new “wind” technology. “Hopefully Americar will be one of Central New York’s “shining stars” when it comes to leaving a positive thumbprint on our environment” states Kris. It’s a legacy that he plans to develop and leave to his children.