July 7, 2016

Auto Leasing

Car Leasing
Car Leasing for Syracuse and CNY

If the time requirement for a vehicle is beyond the scope of a rental, Americar’s car leasing can accommodate this need. We are the largest independent lessor in Central New York. We have gained this prestige by providing professional fleet services as a standard with the lease. Some of our options and benefits include:

  • Closed-end leases
  • Open-end leases
  • Any make or model vehicle
  • Tailored lease terms and mileage allowances predicated on your needs
  • Full maintenance program, including temporary transportation

Car leasing should be the primary means in which corporate vehicles are obtained. Leasing offers cash liquidity, simplifies cost accounting, and transfers the risk of obsolescence.

On a human resource level, Americar has established and currently maintains an employee vehicle lease program as a benefit for a number of area corporations. We have a proven track record of assisting our clients with employee acquisition and retention.


As an independent lessor, Americar, is not restricted or beholden to any one manufacturer. We can provide any new or used vehicle to you. We specialize in finding the most cost-effective vehicle to fulfill your specific requirements. Our offerings range from small sedans to medium duty trucks, including alternative fuel vehicles, to ensure all aspects of your needs will be fulfilled.

New vehicles are ordered via the factory contingent upon your equipment and color specifications. Used cars are based upon availability within the confines of our sale and rental fleets.


The delivery of your lease vehicle will commence at Americar’s location in North Syracuse. The vehicle will be cleaned inside and out, plated, registered, and delivered to your driver with a full tank of gas. Our staff will acquaint you or your driver with their new vehicle features, fluid level indicators, and fill locations.

It is your option to have your vehicle delivered to the driver’s location. If you require this service, just ask, and we will provide you with all the details. Of course, outside deliveries will enjoy the same aforementioned benefits as a delivery at our location.


This comprehensive maintenance program can be available to your vehicle leased locally and on a closed-end basis. All preventive maintenance and covered mechanical repairs are included. When a vehicle is in for service, a replacement vehicle is provided. The only exclusions to this program are:

  • Tire Repairs and Damage
    The program excludes tire repair and damage due to puncture. Please keep in mind that if a tire needs to be replaced due to normal tread wear, it will be covered. Our maintenance program allows for two to four tires, depending upon the total miles allowed under the lease. This even includes snow tires.
  • Repairs Due to Collision or Abuse
    Repairs due to collision or abuse are not covered under the full maintenance program.
  • Maintenance of Fluid Levels
    Between servicing, we ask that fluid levels are checked and fluids added and maintained.
  • Gasoline
    All fuels used in the lease vehicle or in the replacement vehicles will be the responsibility of the lessee.
  • Cleaning of Vehicle
    Routine cleaning of the lease vehicle is not a covered expense. However, when your vehicle is in for routine covered service, Americar will do a full interior and exterior cleaning after the service is completed.

Your fleet vehicles that take advantage of this program will have to be garaged locally as all services are rendered at Americar’s facility in North Syracuse.


Americar staff will handle all administrative aspects for your lease vehicle’s insurance claims. Your driver(s) will be required to complete an accident report, advise your appropriate individual, advise your insurance company, and then call Americar directly.

Americar staff will handle the following:

  • We will advise your driver where the vehicle needs to go for inspection and/or repair, if operational.
  • We will arrange for the vehicle to be towed to a repair facility if the vehicle is not operational.
  • We will arrange for your driver to be placed in a rental vehicle either the day of the accident or when we schedule the vehicle’s repair. We will provide this vehicle at a discounted rental rate.
  • Americar staff’s expertise is second to none when dealing with insurance carriers. We will make sure the vehicle is seen by your adjuster and the repairs are authorized in a timely manner.
  • We will come to an agreement with your carrier as to the repair or “total” amount for the vehicle.
  • We will follow up directly with the repair facility to ensure the repairs are completed in a timely manner.
  • We will advise your appropriate staff member of the developments of the claim as they occur.

Please keep in mind that we act as your “agent” by assisting you in the claim arbitration process. Ultimately, the client would be liable for the damages on the vehicle and any deficit between actual and allowed repair amounts, if any.


Americar will provide and be responsible for all licensing requirements of your vehicles. We will monitor all of the needs, work with drivers in affixing renewal stickers, etc., and bill your company directly for these services. Every bill will be broken down to unit cost. Please keep in mind that under our Closed-End Maintenance Program, registrations are provided at no charge.


We have the ability to amend closed-end leases during its term if we discover that its real use is not commensurate with its original pricing; by doing this, we save you money by reducing costs.

The tracking of mileage and vehicle condition as well as overall monitoring of every vehicle’s usage is one of the services that our current customers find most beneficial in reducing their costs. This also prevents any vehicle from being used past its economic life.


Americar’s car leasing program provides you with a comprehensive vehicle program. Our services fall in line with our philosophy: the vehicle itself is secondary; the services that go along with the vehicle are primary.

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