What makes Americar Leasing different than the rest?

Americar is a one-stop shop for all makes and models with no restrictions on the type of vehicles we can order. Leasing you a car from your “wish list” is no problem, at Americar we are not exclusive to a specific manufacturer. Our customers are never pressured to lease a car sitting in our inventory, or take a vehicle without the equipment they want. Why bounce from dealer to dealer, listening to the same old sales spiel at every stop, when Americar can get you into any car your heart desires?

Americar customers are never sold to a third party bank or outside lease vendor. You heard the sales pitch; was promised great service from the dealer; signed the bottom line of your lease contract, and then you start receiving invoices from a strange bank in a town you’ve never heard of. What happened to the friendly dealer who promised you the sun and moon? At Americar we keep our leases “in house”, providing quality service to our customers for the entirety of the lease. You lease a car that Americar owns. Our car, our customer!

Our customer’s set their own lease terms, not Americar. Yes you heard it right, when you lease from Americar you decide the terms of the lease based on your driving needs. Dealerships can only write a lease for the term and mileage allowed under a third party contract. Americar’s lease is written to accommodate you and your driving habits. It is our specialty!

Thinking “outside the box” is nothing new for Americar. So you’ve experienced a dealer lease, monitored by a bank that doesn’t know you from Adam, who cares only about the terms that you signed up for years ago….well good luck in talking to a virtual stranger about waiving excess mileage charges! With Americar our customers enjoy the freedom to amend their lease based on life changes. No red tape, no hassles.

Americar provides lease options for those with “less than desirable” credit. For individuals who are trying to establish credit or clear up past credit issues, Americar offers a used car lease program. Our “like new” used vehicles are affordable and can be written for shorter terms so that once your credit is established, you can look into leasing a new car. You get all the service that Americar promises under our new car program, with minimal out-of-pocket expense.

But wait there’s more! Americar offers a full-maintenance lease that covers all service and maintenance repairs as well as a free loaner vehicle while your leased vehicle is in the shop.