When buying a used car, are you getting the whole story?

In a world of technology and available information at your finger tips, it’s easy to believe everything you read is based on fact. Things like “fuel economy statistics” from the manufacturer, or the re-sale value of a used car. A manufacturer will always calculate “miles per gallon” on the ideal scenario in which the driver is not a lead foot, driving downhill with a tailwind at their back, in a vehicle running at peak performance. Same goes with calculating the re-sale value of a car as book values can differ by thousands of dollars based on various web sites. The only true way of knowing the performance and re-sale value of a vehicle is if you are lucky enough to be purchasing the car from a dealer that has owned it from day one, and is an expert in selling all makes and models of used cars for a given location.

The same can be said of “Carfax” and “Auto Check” reports that are designed to show the history of a used car. Although vehicle history reports are designed to give the buyer “peace of mind” when purchasing a used car, the maintenance information is rarely displayed. Most franchise dealerships will report vehicle maintenance to Carfax, but as any car owner knows in a world of drive through service facilities, not all maintenance is performed at a reporting dealership. Sure it may report if a vehicle was in an accident, but the maintenance history of a vehicle is just as important (if not more so) than accident history. In a nutshell history reports are only as good as the information provided to them by dealerships, insurance companies, and state agencies.

Another thing that most used car buyers are misinformed on is that buying a rental vehicle is risky due to the lack of history or knowledge of how the vehicle was treated during it’s time in rental service. Dealerships are notorious for warning potential used car buyers against buying rental vehicles because they have been supposedly driven hard and poorly maintained. This might be true for rental vehicles that are sold at auction, but guess what…..dealerships go to auctions to buy used car inventory in which they have no clue if the car belonged to a sole owner or one of those abusive rental car companies!

At Americar we put an end to the “used car myths”. We sell used rental and lease vehicles that have been owned and maintained by us from day one. Our vehicles are serviced according to manufacturer standards in which all accidents, repairs, service records, warranty work, and vehicle performance is carefully documented and available to our customers upon request. With a wide variety of makes and models, Americar can give you a true assessment of that vehicle’s performance based on maintenance and mileage records. In fact, we are so confident that our used vehicles are the next best thing to buying a new car that we have included our one of a kind 5 year,100,000 mile warranty on every car owned by us.